21 February 2012

2011 Perspective

Twenty-Eleven was a crazy year.

14,000 miles and 35 US states with the Drowning Men, two Bahaman islands, a month in Las Vegas, two months of summer heat in Texas, a short month in Los Angeles, Portland to London, France, Morocco, Barcelona, Italy, Thailand, Hong Kong, Argentina, Uraguay, back to Portland, and a short stint back in Los Angeles to finish out the year. Somehow, between ticketed embarkations, I found time to relocate my material life, which had been locked away in a downtown Portland storage unit, up to Seattle, WA. 2012 has started out slower, to say the least. I’m looking forward to this new home and the bountiful experiences that lie ahead. Thank you, to all of the people that put up with my inhabitation of their couches and floors while I was awaiting my next flight, train, or ride in the “band van.”

See you all in 2012!     

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